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Distinct and unique, our limited edition range of beers allows us to unleash a range of distinct tastes. Each beer is crafted using classic brewing methods and spiced up with something new, resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience for every customer.



Pale coloured stout with a medium body that leads to a lightly roasted coffee, silky vanilla and tonka bean finish.


A Koln Style Lager Beer inspired by Cologne, Germany. This beer is fermented like an ale but matured as a lager. Straw in colour, lightly hopped and leads to a refreshing bitterness.


Dark in colour but light on the palate. With
tropical juices tantalising the taste buds to a
deep resinous pine finish.


This beer was collaborated with the Burghfield Santa’s. This one off small batch brew is packed with various hops from around the world .

Lonesome Boatman

This beer binds together dark and roasted malts to leave a velvety smooth, toasted coconut, silky chocolate finish.