Craft Beer Rising 2018 was our first event, and our chance to showcase all our lovely and amazing beers.

We were on stand 37, the middle of the beer hall. Neignbours included: Cassels and Son’s (New Zealand), Yeastie Boys (New Zealand), ORA (Italy), Neckstamper (UK) to name a few.

All four of our beers had great reviews, DIPA was by many named the Best Double IPA at the show, our Breakfast Stout was described as a creamy, easy drinking stout, where you easily taste the cocoa nibs as well as the coffee. Voyage our American Amber Ale and Erin’s our American Pale Ale were our most sold beers. Voyage and Erin’s quickly became people’s favourites. What we found happend was that one person from a group would come up to our bar, try one of these beers and then quickly drags the rest of his group saying: ” You have to try these beers!!!”

We really want to thank everybody that came up, tried our beers and supported us.

We are looking forward to Craft Beer Rising 2018

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