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Gift Box

Gift Box


This box is a treasure trove of hoppy happiness, featuring a tantalising trio of beers. 

Inside, you'll find 8 cans of pure bliss, carefully selected to offer a taste of three different, yet equally exquisite, brews. 

Whether you're a fan of an Amber Ale, a smooth Lager, or an awesome Pale Ale, there's something here to tickle your taste buds and elevate your beer experience.
But wait, there's more!

To enhance the gifting experience, we've included a sleek, branded pint glass and a New Wharf beanie too.

And what's a beer without some munchies? You’ll receive a bag of crisps – a crunchy, savoury delight that pairs beautifully with your beer selection. These aren't just any crisps; they're the ultimate beer buddy, promising to make each sip even more enjoyable.

Included in the gift box:

3 x Voyager 440ml
3 x Explorer 440ml

2 x Lost Soul 440ml

1 x Beanie

1 x New Wharf pint glass

1 x Pack of crisps

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